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If you want to take worry out of your all types of moves, relocations and transfers, you are welcome at Original Van. Moving can be one of the most stressful times in anyones life and we are committed in our approach on making your move as smooth as possible. Our total commitment to providing a professional service is most important to us and this is one of reasons you will understand why thousands have moved with us (see our testimonial section to learn what those who have used our service in the past are saying about us).

Original Van Lines are leading movers in Movers Ellicott City. We offer a professional door to door service. We have grown to become a cutting edge moving company operating in and around Ellicott City. We know and fully understand that every move is different and each client needs an individual and customized service. Whether you are moving locally, nationally or even overseas, with careful planning Original Van Lines can handle any move to your complete liking.

What makes Original Van Lines any different to any other moving companies in market and one of the most preferred choices? In addition to our expertise in all types of moves, we offer the lowest prices and our friendly customer service. We will work quickly and efficiently to complete the job. These are only a few reasons why we are anyones first choice moving company in Ellicott City. Try us and see for yourself.

Why Choose Our Local Movers Ellicott City MD

Our Local Moving Services  
Original Van Lines has been providing residential and commercial local moving services in the state of Washington DC, MD and VA for about 15 years. Ellicott City Local Movers provide help with moving furniture around the house to fully packing and transporting your home or office equipment to a new location.

Our Local Movers Ellicott City MD moving service includes a storage facility at every important location within the local area. We can deliver full line packing supplies at your home or office with advanced notice. We offer customized packages to fit with any budget, you just need to give a call and our professional staff will help you to choose your best option. Every crewmember of Local Movers Ellicott City has to go through a training process before they become a part of Original Van Lines professionally moving staff. You do not have to worry for your antiques, pianos, art moving, pool tables and Grandfather clock as our staff is trained to handle all these household items.
Packing Materials
With Original Van Lines all kind of packing materials is available at additional cost. We can supply boxes of all shapes and sizes, assorted tape, packing paper, cartons, wrapping straps, portable cupboards, and bungee cords etc. You will find rates of our packing supplies at the best deals as compare to what other moving companies are offering in the market. No additional charges are applies on delivering the packing material. Packing services depends upon customer need and if have your own plans of packing by yourself we then even are ready to help you to make things more convenient. Even if you do not request our packing services, our Local Movers Ellicott City MD will always arrive equipped with at least 50 boxes, just in case you need something at the last minute.