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Local movers Norfolk VA is your best choice for a full service moving company. We have movers throughout Norfolk to help you move within and from Norfolk to anywhere in the MD, VA and DC. Movers Norfolk VA can help whether your move is local, long distance or international, residential or commercial. Our total commitment to providing a professional moving services are most important to us and this is one of reasons you will understand why so many have moved with us.

Local movers Norfolk VA are leading movers in Norfolk. We offer a professional door to door service. We have grown to become a cutting edge moving company operating in and around Norfolk. We know and fully understand that every move is different and each client needs an individual and customized service for your complete satisfaction.

What makes Norfolk VA Movers any different to any other moving companies in market and one of the most preferred choices? In addition to our expertise in all types of moves, we offer the lowest prices and our friendly customer service. We will work quickly and efficiently to complete the job. These are only a few reasons why we are anyone’s first choice Moving company in Norfolk VA. Try us and see for yourself.

Original Van Lines: A rational choice for hiring Norfolk Movers VA
Relocation of your home can prove to be an exhausting task and need to be handled with due care and diligence. We bank on our vast scale experience and are one of the most renowned Movers Norfolk VA with a highly skilled professional team. Whether you want to move to Norfolk, or moving from Norfolk, we will render you with best service regardless of the size of the moving activity that you want to perform. We are offering both commercial and residential moving services on both small and large scale and provide you with the best transportation and storage facilities.

Our local movers Norfolk VA have specialized equipment, vans and trucks which have been specially designed to meet any moving requirements which includes, packing, unpacking, loading, unloading and a safe transportation for local and long distant move. There is an endless array of features that make us a reliable and an optimal choice for movers Norfolk VA. We take pride in stating that we have managed to gain most of the market share in this industry of local movers Norfolk VA. What makes us best is that we actually meet all our promises and that shows in our loyal customer ship. With Norfolk VA Movers, it is not just about simply packing your stuff and loading it on some truck for transport. We perform all the steps with a pre-defined and established mechanism which is customized according to the size of your move and according to the distinct assets and articles that you have at your home or your commercial facility. From straps to tapes and from packing materials to loading and unloading tools, you will find that all your assets are being handled with the best care possible. We guarantee you that once you vest the responsibility of moving with our experts, you will be freed from all the mess and you just have to give us a reasonable time for completing your task easily.

What makes us Prominent?

Though there is a wide genre of features that makes us quite distinct and effective from any other companies in this domain, but here a few prominent and dominant features which makes our Norfolk VA movers the best in this business. The first trait about our experts is that we have not hired any personnel without any experience or proper knowhow about the task. Our hiring officials have surveyed the whole industry and have gathered a team of professionals who have already worked for different professional companies for many years. They have the knowledge about how to pack delicate assets of varying sizes and how to load them in a manner that they do not get even a single scratch. Even if you only hire our experts for the purpose of transportation, they will guide you about how to pack different items for their safe transport. So there is no doubt in the fact that our Norfolk VA Movers can handle any sort of moving task with ease and comfort. So regardless of how big is the assignment that you have on offer, you can trust us without any doubts and we guarantee you that your work will be made easy and simpler.

The other distinctive trait that we cherish is the fact that we have devised rates which are truly suited for both average and rich people. Whether it is a complete moving service that you want or a simple short distant instant delivery, you will be charged the most affordable rates which are not being offered by any of our competitors. We are always looking forward for a tough competition and this keeps us striving for more improved and quality services. We can also render you a complete supply of packing materials of the highest quality so that you can pack your assets in the safest medium for their risk free transport.

Custom relocation services
With local movers Norfolk VA, you can get the best customized service with reference to your entire requirement. You can ask us to handle or manage your entire relocation process or you can hire us for a specific part of it. It is totally at your discretion as we are always willing to render you any moving service that you want for your residential or commercial moving. Our custom services cover both commercial and residential projects and our Movers Norfolk VA teams are skilled and experienced to handle both.

Commercial Moving
Corporate relocation require a lot of work as there is a huge artillery of furniture, delicate electronic equipment and other office supplies. The teams that we have assembled for catering commercial moving are well organized and equipped with the latest tool to handle any commercial project whether on a small or a large scale. They will load all your assets with utmost care and by using the best techniques to avoid any sort of breakage or deterioration. Our Norfolk movers have been fully equipped with the best and purpose build vehicles, trucks and containers so that they can perform to their full potential and can put all our customers at ease. We have developed a highly integrated and effective moving network in which all the experts work in unison to give you the best service and the best customer support. We also give out insurance policies so that if you are planning a long distant moving, all your assets are fully secured and you do not have to face any sort of risk or stress. The wide variety of our commercial reallocation services includes packing, transportation, collection, delivery, custom clearance, packing, unpacking, loading, unloading and safe storage.

Residential Moving
No matter whether you are about to shift from your small house with a limited supply of assets or a large bungalow with delicate and bulky assets, our Local Movers Norfolk VA understands each and every requirement of any asset that you have. From a dinner set to an electronic oven and from an electronic oven to a heavy bike, we have the knowhow to pack your stuff, store it and then deliver it safely to your desired destination. Everything that we do throughout the moving process is an official arrangement and all the work will be on paper. While loading your assets or when we pack them, we note down all their credentials along with their physical condition so that we can ascertain that we have delivered your assets in their true condition. Our delivery vehicles or trucks have their special storage facilities which have been segmented to serve different assets. We take storage and safe keeping as a science and are always ready for any unforeseen events or accidents that might arise while the transport. We will load them in our vehicles or trucks with such placement techniques that they do not get damage even if the vehicle faces an accident on its way.

But let us make clear that the drivers that are on our delivery panel have a very clean record and are licensed for heavy transportation. Similarly, all our Norfolk VA Movers are certified by the relevant quality maintenance authorities and have the license to perform any sort of residential or commercial move. We have our own branches and agents working for us which makes our company feature a vast and effective network. Moving activities may also require both moving and temporary storage services. Local movers Norfolk VA for this purpose has the best and state of the art warehouses where they can store any asset with ease. You will be guaranteed the safe keeping of all you assets. We also ensure that we will provide an environment that is reasonably needed for your different assets.

Quick response time, Timely task completion and Emergency moving services
If you go for a market survey in Norfolk, you will find that Movers Norfolk VA is the best when it comes to response time as they are ready to serve you as per your requirements. Our local Movers Norfolk VA have mastered this art to such a degree that they complete their work in the best possible time and allow you to save a lot of money. Many companies who are charging hourly rates for their services perform their work slowly which results in increasing your costs. With our moving services, even if you opt for our hourly rates, we guarantee that our experts will complete their task in the best time frame because our aim is to extrapolate profits through a vast fleet of customers rather than soaking out the one that hires us. The other exciting trait about our Local Movers Norfolk VA is that even if you do not inform us about the reallocation before time, we can always start on an emergency notice and this is again due to our large fleet of working teams and the expertise that they have.

Our expert consultancy
When you are about to carry out a massive moving task like in the case of shifting a corporate office, you can always contact us for giving you the best advice to handle the relocation from start to end. We can always give you a visit to plan all your relocation requirements and will devise a smooth and easy plan for your purpose. We can handle your project in phases or even at a single go if you want us to.

Free quotes and cost comparison
Apart from the highly efficient moving services of our Norfolk VA Movers, we will offer you free quotes for any moving task that you have and you will be surprised to see the wide variety of discounts and offers that we have formulated for all our customers. Similarly we have a good variety of payment options and can negotiate any terms that you want. The other exciting trait about our Moving service is that we will offer you a free cost comparison of the market rates and the rates that we are charging. This enables the customer to have a fair view in order to make a rational decision. The cost comparison that will be offered by our Movers Norfolk VA will also be accompanied with the comparison of the services that other companies are rendering.

We consider it as our social responsibility to be as facilitating towards our customers as possible and this makes us a true market leader in this regime. So if you are planning to reallocate your home or any other commercial or corporate office, Original Van Lines is the best choice for hiring the most experienced and skilled Norfolk VA Movers.

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